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DIY Simple Wooden Book: Woodworking with Kids

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

How to make a simple wooden books with kids using (power) tools:

Step1: each kid had a small piece of wood. They sanded it with a sand block. They chose an animal shape that I made in cardboard, They drew the shape along with the holes (dot) on their piece of wood using a pencil. They used some fun markers to draw details.

Step 2: they drilled every single holes. They used the blue tape to see the depth of the wood.

Step 3: they chose some color to sew their book.

Step 4: up and down the holes they went.

Step 5: the kids also added 3 holes on the side where they put some keys holder rings. They glued a really nice piece of paper in the back to cover all the strings. They added 20 pieces of paper for the pages. They ended with a piece of cardboard the same size in the back to finish their book.

I hope it helps the kids to write.

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