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  • Why "e"?"
    E is the mark of feminity in French. Studio Artisane wants to overcome the stereotype that tools are for men by creating a space where kids, teens and adults can participate alone or with friends, at various DIY (do it yourself) workshops. Studio artisane is a kind of feminine “happy therapy” with benefits including the following:
  • Hands-on—you're learning valuable skills.
    As a society we’ve forgotten how to do many things as we rely on others throughout our days. Carpentry, sewing, electrical work, power tool usage are some of the skills in which Studio Artisane workshops focus.
  • Recycle and reuse—you're being soft on the earth.
    Is anyone else tired of buying the same $20 product over and over again at the local big box store? There should be a balance between consuming and producing, and currently most of us are living way too often in the world of consumption. Come to Studio Artisane and allow us to help you move over to the creative, productive side of things. ​
  • Your brain and your body are working out.
    Uber-talented individuals and specialists are great, but what happened to the well-rounded individual? At Studio Artisane we promote the jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none moniker with activities that encourage your body to lift, push, pull while your brain estimates, calculates, evaluates, and reflects.
  • Your self esteem grows when you're away from screens.
    Our classes focus on maximizing your opportunity for success in small group settings. Let’s get rid of that sad empty feeling after spending night after night staring at a screen. People just feel better about themselves when they create and complete. Studio Artisane participants often describe pride as the dominant emotion after completing a course with Sandrine.
  • Money—you can save money and make money.
    Participants in Studio Artisane workshops have gone on to occasionally avoid the costly repairman, contractor, and consultant all the while building equity in their own homes—by themselves!
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