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Birthday Party: Finger Hockey Game

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Imagine what happens when you combine a kid’s love of building, a bunch of friends, and a birthday cake. Studio Artisane’s birthday parties are fun for the kids, minimal work for you, and a creative, safe way to celebrate your child’s big day. Each child goes home with a hand-built project.

Today, we are building A Finger Hockey Game:

First, we had to use our sand block to sand our "hockey rink" and make it really smooth for our puck to slide. These were pre-cut prior to the class.

Next, we picked our 1x2 boards and learn how to verify that they are straight.

We then measured the length of our field and marked our measurements on our 1x2 piece of wood.

We used the speed square to trace cut lines across the board.

We placed our piece of wood under the hand miter saw. We used a clamp to make sure the board locked in because we were pulling and pushing pretty hard. We made a big dent in the wood, took it off the miter saw and brought it back to our workbench to finish the cut with a pull saw. We placed the board in a vise so it wouldn't move while cutting.

These saws are the best, even for kids. They can be very intimidating but they cut very smoothly and easily.

If you want to know more about these saws:

Here is a demo by the birthday girl.

We took a little break by the fire pit to warm up and eat some cake. It was a birthday party after all!

We are cutting and cutting until we end up with five pieces. Four will act as the frame/boards of the rink and the 5th piece will act as the wall in the middle. The pucks have to go underneath it so we had to cut a little hole in the 5th piece.

For this, we used the scroll saw. Kids were wearing anti-cut gloves and just push their piece slowly following the line they traced.

It was time to hammer and screw the pieces together.

We drilled 4 holes in the longest board to attach our 2 rubber bands.

We cut 10 pieces from a 1 inch rod to make our pucks and we were ready to play.

That was a really fun birthday build, I think!

Happy Birthday!!!

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