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DIY Simple Wooden Banner: Woodworking for Kids

How to make a simple wood banner for any holidays with your kids using (power) tools:

Step 1: we use some bass wood. The kids sawed as many as rectangles they needed for their message with the hand miter saw. Mine displayed: GIVE THANKS.

We used a square to make sure our cut were straight.

Free cut on the line!!

Step 2: Some kids used hand drill for a softer touch to make a hole at the center of each rectangle.

Other kids just like to use the drill.

Kids are always busy at Studio Artisane. They measure, they cut, they assemble and they love it!

Once they were done with the cutting and sanding, they passed a rope and made a knot at each shape making sure to do the knot always the same way so the banner stays flat.

Step 3: the kids cut some letters and fall shapes with the Cricut machine and glued the letters onto their wooden rectangle. The banner can be displayed on a table or mantle.

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