DIY Simple Purse: Sewing with Kids

How to make a cute purse with kids using tools:

During our last trip to France, all the françaises were carrying their little round purse. I wanted one but as usual our suitcases were too full to add one more item so I left the purse behind. Nonetheless, it was in my mind and I decided to come up with my own. I found those Trivet (hot pad) at Goodwill and just sewed some fabric in between. I added belts (also found at Goodwill) for the stripes. I thought it was cute and decided that we should do a smaller version for kids!

Step 1: the kids used a special mat to help them cutting their fabric using a rotary cuter. They had to use a measuring tape. I picked out a fabric with straight lines to help them with the cut.

Step 2: they cut a stripe into the fusible interface bought at Joann. When you press them together, the fabric becomes stiffer.

Step 3: this is what it looks like.