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DIY Simple Jewelry: Shrinky Dinks with Kids

How to make some charms out of Shrinky Dinks with kids.

Did you know that the sheets of plastic you get in a Shrinky Dinks kit is polystyrene—the same stuff as recycled plastic #6, which is commonly used for those clear clamshell containers you see in cafeterias. When manufactured, raw polystyrene is heated, rolled out into thin sheets and then rapidly cooled so that it can retain its shape. Start looking into that recycle bin.

Kids and teens just love this activity!

Step 1: avocado, flowers, they drew it all, they cut them using scissors and we baked them.

Don't forget do make a hole.

Step 2: they used all kind of pliers to attach their charms on their chain.

Step 3: they added the clasp.

Another pendant.

Some new jewelry to take home.

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