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Build-A-Bot Birthday Party

For my son's 6th birthday, we wanted to celebrate with something really special and creative, but didn't want to have to host a bunch of people in our tiny little home. Being a winter baby, I feel bad because his party options are always limited to things we can do indoors. So when I heard that Studio Artisane hosted woodworking birthday parties for kids, I knew it would be a perfect way to celebrate!

We invited his closest friends and decided to have the kids build their own robots. Not only were the kids excited, but the parents were, too! All we had to do was bring the party favors and the cake. Sandrine took care of the rest. She even made a little robot toss game for the kids to play!

We started the party off by reading a book about robots to all the kids, to get them thinking about what kind of creation they wanted to make themselves. Then we moved downstairs into the studio, where there were stations set up for each part of the process. The kids got a great rundown of safety rules to follow, and the parents were eager to help out where needed.

First, the kids drew their robots so they had a plan for what they wanted to create. Armed with the drawing of their robot, they then went to pick out their materials to make it happen. With their plans and materials in hand, they all dispersed to each station Sandrine had set up to either glue, drill, or hammer their robots to life! It was so awesome to see each of their ideas become a reality and I think the parents enjoyed it even more than the kids.

Then we went back upstairs and had some cake and showed off our robots. When the party drew to a close and the few parents that had left their children and came back, they were impressed to see what their kids had made on their own! And I think maybe regretting not staying (just a little bit!) and joining the fun.

If you're looking for a fun and unique birthday party activity, Studio Artisane is a perfect place! They got to be use their imaginations and celebrate -- with a special new creation to take home!

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