Woodworking Day Camp Classes

                 (9am -4pm)

Tuesday, February 16th- FULL
Wednesday, February 17- Full
Thursday, February 18- Full
Friday, February 19- Full
                     Updated 02/04 at 6pm
Our workshops are designed with the objective of introducing woodworking to the children in a structured environment. 
Why woodworking is good for your brain -> 

Woodworker Pre-Teen

Age: 8 -12 years old.

Price:  $80 /day + Material for each option listed below.

Tools used: handsaw, electric sander, drill, Kreg Jig, hammer, hot/cold glue gun.

Woodworker Teen

Age: 12+ years old.

Price:  $80 /day + Material for each option listed below.

Tools used: electric miter saw,  electric sander, drill, Kreg jig, hammer, stapler, glue gun, scroll saw, sewing machine.

Teen can pick any projects

Birthday One: Lobster Trap

Birthday Two: Garden

Table- $25-Pre-Teen

Plans and photo: Toolboxdivas

Bench-$30- Pre-Teen

Adirondack Chair-$50-Teen

Plans and photo: Ana White

Bike Rack-$50-Teen

Insect Hotel-$20- Pre-Teen


Needle basket + wood project-$55-Pre-Teen

Tray -$55-Teen

Only Offered Tuesday 02/16 AM

Afternoon possible projects...

Blanket Ladder-$25-Pre-Teen


Deer Head Hanger-$35-Pre-Teen

Beaded Chandelier-$-Pre-Teen $65

Modern Frame-$35-Pre-Teen


leather may vary

Modern Planter-$65-Teen

Lazy Susan-$45-Teen


Fabric may vary

Desk-$80- Teen

Prerequisite: 1 prior classes with Sandrine)

Plans and photo: Ana White

Details & Discount

We can accommodate up to 6 participants.
Prices include materials, dedicated use of our studio space, instruction in English and/or French.
All pieces will be sanded and ready to be painted or stained at home.
Kids must bring their own snack, lunch and drink. Water will be provided.
(Please let me know of any food allergy on the registration form)
Covid-19 instructions:
Instruction will be in a well ventilated. We open the garage door frequently to get fresh air.
Nonetheless, kids must wear a mask.
Kids must stay home if they don't feel well or if someone in the immediate family is not feeling well.
Kids must wash their hands upon arrival. Hand sanitizer will be provided.
                               *10 % off - Bring a sibling or a friend
                               *20 % off - Book 3 classes