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Woodworking and caning a chair: all in one project

This CANE CHAIR from Anika Gandhi (Anika's DIY life) was on my list to do for a while but the class was a little challenging to put together because of the cane and the stain and the time frame but if you are a woodworker, you usually like challenges so this is how the day went:

Each student got their own plan. You can get yours on Anika Gandhi's website.

We took a picture of the lumber because it is truly amazing when you can build a cool piece of furniture to take home after few hours. Not to mention that one of the students had never used tools except for a drill.

Checking measurement for each piece, marking the 2x3 for later cuts. Hint: REALLY measure twice, cut once. :)

Using the miter saw with confidence!

Double trouble on the Kreg to make our pocket holes.

The team is sanding and getting rid of those black marks with a smile.

Time to assemble the chair with the pocket holes.

Always using the clamps for safety.

We are now measuring the side to fit the cane paneling to be placed inside the chair.

We are now stapling the cane to the frame

We made 3 frames and slid them inside the chair. I forgot to mention that the chairs were stained prior to this step. Proud woodworker taking a break on her beautiful chair.

Isn't it gorgeous!! I am in love. I had to put a piece of fabric just because..

3 beautiful woodworkers with their beautiful caned chairs. It only took us about 6 hours.

One woodworker was so kind to send me this picture of the chair in her own house.

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