Bright Living Room

Custom Furniture

CUSTOM FURNITURE: Do you have an idea for a project to build that is not on my schedule of classes? Alone or in pairs, come and work on it in a four hour session where I can guide you through the process--start to end. All materials and tools will be ready for you. First prepare your project (rough plans with general measurements) then email me at, and I'll shape it in way that is doable within the 4 hours allowed (or I'll recommend a second class, depending on the project). Beware of the overly ambitious project, 4 hours of workshop is a short time (or 8 if needed). If you want to use special hardware (casters, hinges, etc.), consider bringing it on the day of the workshop. I will let you know if any of these items will be necessary. 

Workshops will be scheduled in advance on a mutually agreed upon date.  Each session is approximately four 4 hours long.
Price: $40 per hour
Cost of materials due prior to workshop time, and hourly rate paid after (as the project completion time may vary from the estimate).
Includes materials, dedicated use of our studio space, instruction.

Details & Pricing